Strategy games and the genre in general has been very popular among players in the recent years. Steam, one of the main platforms of game distribution, reports highest number of sales for the strategy genre. It’s no wonder that there are many interesting strategy games scheduled for release in 2022.

New Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games

  • Company of Heroes 3 – Tactical WW2 over dozens of missions in various Mediterranean theaters
  • Going Medieval – Build and manage medieval village, playing a custom character in colony-simulation-like manner
  • Neverdark – Manage large city (such as New York) after the breakdown of power grid and outbreak of violence
  • Broken Arrow – 3D wargame presenting modern conflict between USA and Russia
  • War Hospital – Control field hospital in the first world war, with detailed management of patients and historical medical procedures
  • Falling Frontier – Game of realistic space battles and colonization, following classic Homeworld series with a hard science-fiction twist
  • Farthest Frontier – City builder in Medieval-like envinronment
  • Homeworld 3 – Classic 3D space game in which you manage a fleet of ships, fight wars, and expand in the universe
  • Ixion – City-builder in space, focused on large space station

New Turn-Based Strategy Games

  • Songs of Conquest – Build fantasy kingdom and fight the enemies, following classic Heroes of Might and Magic series
  • Master of Magic – 3D remake of classic MoM

Graduates from Early Access to Full Game

  • Grand Tactician: The Civil War
  • Ostriv
  • Dyson Sphere Program
  • Frozenheim
  • Buyonancy
  • Embark
  • The Universim
  • Distant Kingdoms
  • Industries of Titan
  • The Fermi Paradox
  • Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
  • Galactic Civilizations IV