Developer: Rafał Grochala, based in Ireland
Start Date: 1 January 2021
Release Date: Middle or second half of 2022
Website: Espiocracy.com
Contact: r a f a l (without spaces) at the domain you’re currently on

One-Sentence Description

Espiocracy is a grand strategy game focused on espionage in the Cold War.

Short Description

Espiocracy will allow the player to control an intelligence community (for instance: CIA, NSA, FBI), starting from 1946, with the goal of securing own country and extending the sphere of influence via covert operations, such as propaganda campaigns, infiltration, break ins, assassinations, coups, and many other methods.

Video (trailer draft)


Download all (zip 6.17 MB).

Basic Cover Art

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cover 1920x1080px with name in the center
cover 1920x1080px with name on the bottom
cover 1920x1080px with narrower name on the bottom